Birth of the Label in 2011. Maquisards was born shortly after its big brother, the BPM Contest (a springboard for young producers of electronic music).

More than a classic label, it manages and supports the winners of each edition, as well as the participants that it unearths.
Once spotted by the Maquisards label, these new young shoots are supported, from their tour in events to the publication of a musical project.

Both a booking agency, event organizer, publisher and producer, the label is just like its name, « a Maquis » where several kinds of varieties gravitate, and where quality predominates over quantity.
Created at the initiative of Sébastien Roch, organizer of BPM, it features a range of influences ranging from house, techno & electro.

“Like any good self-respecting maquis, we discover different varieties of plants and flowers. As good musical gardeners we love and cultivate what we like and seduce us so as not to fall into monotony …
So to integrate our modest garden it is enough to propose a project which touches us, a sensitive and musical project: House, Techno, Nu-Disco, Electro-pop… as long as there is talent, good taste and especially musicality… « 

Sébastien Roch, boss of the Maquisards label.