In an electro-pop style, the French DJ & producer Tez Cadey makes the whole planet dance.
He is one of the most listened to French artists in the world. This little prince of electro has 5 billion audio streams. (the equivalent of more than 100 diamond discs)

It all starts in a student room, Tez Cadey studies in a general engineering school. This Franco-American aims to become an architectural engineer after five years of study. But at the end of the lessons, he dedicates a large part of his time to his passion, music. Although he never thought of a career in this field, he spends most of his nights composing.

It was with the success of one of his titles « Seve » which launched his career and propelled him to numerous radios in France and Europe but also to his first stages. After several successes, the artist decides to release his first album « Lizard Days » a long process which takes him away from concerts.

A year after the release of his album, Tez Cadey wants to go back to his beginnings because « the problem with electro music is that everything moves very quickly. I don’t regret having made an album at all, it’s a huge source of pride but for two years, we haven’t had any feedback on his music and we hardly see the public. The idea is to have fun again by taking out the songs and going to test them directly on stage. « 

Since the artist goes on single releases and tours around the world.